CTC Lothians and Borders

A member group of Cycling UK

Welcome to Lothians and Borders CTC

We are a member group of the national charity Cycling UK whose purpose is to encourage and support cycling across Scotland and the UK. Whether you’re new to cycling, an experienced rider or indeed a current member, this is the site for you to gain access to up to date information on the club’s activities.

The club offers a variety of opportunities to get out on organised cycle rides with an emphasis on participation as part of a group and consideration for all riders. Rides take place all year round and include short after-work summer rides, 20-mile Sunday rides, and longer 40 to 80 mile mid-week and week-end rides. Whatever bike you have – tourer, MTB or hybrid, you’ll be welcome on our rides; we just ask that your bike is roadworthy and, for the benefit of other riders in the group, fitted with mudguards.

See our Upcoming Rides and Riding Guidelines pages.

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“I joined the CTC back in the late seventies on the basis that it gave me privileged access to train travel at that time. Some thirty five years on and with a few enforced breaks through the pleasures of raising a family and the stress of a working career, I continue to be an active member. A regular participant on Wednesday rides and whenever possible the Saturday slightly shorter outings, I’m currently averaging around 130 miles plus a week. It’s always a great day out on which to catch up with old friends and to encourage new participants eager to find out what the CTC is about.”

CTC member David Lambie

“As a CTC member of only two years, I’m delighted to now be a member of the Lothian & Borders committee. Although well versed in the discipline of mountain biking, I only took up road cycling less than three years ago and have found that the club has given me access to a world of uncompetitive participation, improved level of fitness and wonderful days out on little known roads and well planned routes. To me, it’s the type of cycling that fits in between a lonely ride on your own and the daunting thought of joining a chain gang of competitive road enthusiasts where the challenge would be not to be dropped within the first few miles.” CTC member Robert Virtue

“In an attempt to get fit, my son introduced me to cycling but after exhausting my knowledge of local routes, Queensferry, canal tow paths and Arthur’s seat, I was fortunate enough to pass a group of cyclists of mixed age. Curious to know who they might be, I went on to the internet and found the CTC. After some initial telephone enquiries, I built up the courage to venture out on one of the group’s twenty mile easier rides. Amazingly, I found this to be well within my ability and with some encouragement from the more experienced lady members and well meaning men on technical aspects of the set-up of my bike; I’ve never looked back other than of course, to check who or what is behind me. Great days out, lots of intelligent chat and of course, an improved level of fitness“ CTC member Marian Rogers