Listen to a Cyclist’s Playlist- CTC Lothians and Borders on the road again in Kirkcudbright by John Palmer our cycling blogger.

A Cyclist’s Playlist – Kirkcudbright away trip, 12th and 13th June 2018


As organised, meticulously as always, by Dame Iron Sides, we met in the grounds of St Cuthbert’s church for an obligatory photo showing off everyone’s new red tops. There were a few recalcitrant members still in blue.

As we set off this song, On The Road Again by Willie Nelson cycled onto the list.

Cycling along I realised we had Brian ‘Sunny Orange’ Curtis with us and I thought, in his honour, should be on the list:

Unfortunately the playlist doesn’t include anything for Keith, our new person, who spotted our first red kite.

On the main hill of the day Jo-Jo was back marking, so she can’t be included in this, but there were others, who we might loosely call Fairydust and the Fandangos doing this:

At the bottom of the hill, at a crossroads, the Rev D Ross, Iain and Jill ‘the Plank’ McBain left us to take a shorter route home.

We had lunch at New Galloway and Janet and Gordon were comparing notes on the relative merits of bridies from Dundee and Glasgow and other delights of the mean streets from which they hail. So this seemed appropriate:

And while on the subject of the Boss, many of us had attended Doug ‘the Sculpture’s degree show, so this played in his honour.

At Rhonestone, 10 miles from home and looking for our coffee stop, the road was blocked for re-gritting, so we had to find an alt route to Threave and then home, at which the route planners excelled.

Finally, I had thought this would be me, but we had no stragglers coming back into Kirkcudbright. Still, it’s a nice way to sign off:

I hope this works for some of you.